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Residential Remodels, Additions and Custom Sheds (Storage, Offices, Pool Houses, Gyms, and Studios)

Remodels and Additions

As families grow and needs change, sometimes your existing home does have enough space or your don't like how the existing space is "arranged".  However, you really enjoy your home and do not want to move, and would rather just make some improvements.  Adding-on some additional space, and/or remodeling the existing home, is something we can help you with.  We will work with you on ideas that will give you the home you want, and can also look at those ideas with a "construction eye" that will meet your needs at the lowest possible cost.   Again, we offer "one stop shopping" and will handle the entire project from idea to move in.  We can take your ideas, prepare your architectural drawings for review by the city or county, secure your building permit and handle all the construction.  We take the worries about having to coordinate between the architect, contractor and building inspectors.

 Custom Built "Sheds"

Space is an issue in just about any home, both for storage, work and play.  While adding onto your existing home may be an option, sometimes it just may not be worth the money.  Besides the cost, there may not be enough space between your house and property lines to add on due to "set-back" requirements.  An easy, low cost solution to your space needs is to build a "shed".  Your "shed" does not need to be one of those pre-fab, minimally built, units sold at the "big box" stores, but instead one that is built, on site, to closely match your existing house, using the same construction methods and materials that went into your home.  Why not finish it off inside and have that office, you have always wanted?  Sheds are not governed by the same set-back rules and it may not even require a building permit.  Tell us your needs and we can design the playroom, studio, pool house, gym, office or storage room that will solve those space issues.  Again, at surprisingly affordable prices!

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